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  • In these energy conscious times energy efficient concepts like under slab insulation, insulated concrete walls, advanced framing, exterior rigid foam, and proper insulation densities, make good economic sense.

  • Foundation: Concrete details for insulation, moisture protection, and ventilation affect a home's thermal performance as well as indoor air quality.

    Sub slab Insulation is a good option for homes with radiant heat or those owners and builders wanting to maximize the thermal performance of their home.

    Interior or exterior below grade wall insulation is a must for saving energy and to increase comfort levels.

    Moisture protection starts at the foundation including correct perimeter drain and ventilation.

  • Framing: Advanced framed walls mean less wood, more insulation, insulated headers, corners and intersections. Using 2x6 or 2x8 studs on 24 inch centers.

    Advanced ceiling and roof framing. Advanced framing simply means providing adequate height so the entire ceiling can be insulated to the full R-value. Advanced framing allows for full insulation by using raised heel trusses, high R-value per inch insulation or combinations of framing and high R-value insulation.

  • Insulation: Maximizing insulation value is the key to energy efficiency. This can be done through good quality wall insulation, exterior rigid insulation, and proper truss design which allows sufficient insulation above the walls.

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